Sunpath Sacred Sites Tours a sole propriotory Tour Company & The Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa (SSFSA) which was registered as a Not for Profit Organisation in March 2012, to achieve self-sustaining funding to protect ancient & prehistoric Sacred Sites around Table Mountain, the Western Cape & Southern Africa. We do this by jointly organising tours, lectures & by creating Community Custodian initiatives around these ancient Sacred Sites, combined with research aimed at conservation of these areas.

You can join Sunpath Sacred Site Tours on a hike to an ancient Sacred Site or we can do a lecture tour for your particular group. We do regular 1 Day Tours in Cape Town to sites on the slopes of Table Mountain, or 14 day tours around South African sites for organised groups. Please contact us to arrange a "Sacred Site Tour" that suits you.

The Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa has been established after 10 years of volunteer driven group work, lead by author & researcher Dean Liprini in Cape Town. The future of SSFSA includes groundbreaking environment and conservation projects in Southern Africa, where we are collating research on each site, whilst working alongside scientists & academic experts in geology, archaeology, astronomy, anthropology, archaeoastronomy & environmental resource management.


Sunpath Sacred Site Tours will create specialized sacred site overland tours as well as regular day tours, creating sustainable work for the local tour guides and experts in various fields of study that promote Indigenous Cultural & Heritage. The Sacred Site Foundation of South Africa (SSFSA) was founded in 2012 by students in the field of Archaeoastronomy, and is intended to be a vehicle to advise, research, protect, develop and raise public consciousness regarding the prehistoric sacred sites and heritage of South Africa. The SSFSA will promote the indigenous knowledge, spirit and wisdom through an authentic respect of these ancient sacred places and the surrounding landscape.


To be a collection of people of varied skill, expertise and perspectives, mindful of and dedicated to preventing the desecration of sacred sites in Southern Africa. To research, protect and develop already endangered high-impact sacred sites to a standard which we all can be proud of. To achieve this by including all stakeholders - academic, religious, spiritual and cultural: thus forming a sustainable infrastructure, which will then create ongoing employment and product development in the Arts and the context of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Conservation sectors in South Africa. In so doing, we will honour and uplift the spirit of Southern Africa and its people.

What is a Sacred Site?


Land –Water - People - Plants and Animals that have been recognized and singled out as having a “Sacred Quality” and “Value” to humanity and our planet, that deserve to be specially honoured, acknowledged, protected and shared in a respectful way that enhances all life on our Mother Earth.

Sacred Land - Includes Sacred Caves & Shelters of the Ancients, Megalithic and Monolithic Rocks and Rock structures Natural or Interacted with or shaped, engraved or painted on. Landscapes and land forms that have been recognised to have spiritual and/or sacred significance/symbolism or that hold a sacred or spiritually orientated geographical or astronomical position or direction.

Sacred Water - Natural occurring springs, water-holes and water sources,lakes, waterfalls, rivers and estuaries, that have been recognised to have spiritual and/or sacred significance/symbolism or healing properties. Ocean bays & sanctuaries where whales and dolphins mate and give birth.

Sacred People - All burial sites, graves and human skeletal remains. Living and past recognized Spiritual teachers, custodians of sacred knowledge and their works.

Sacred Plants - All Natural and Indigenous Seeds - individual Tree's & Plants that have been recognized in the past or present as having spiritual or sacred significance/symbolism or healing properties.

Sacred Animals - All animals that have been recognized in the past or present as having or holding spiritual or sacred significance/symbolism.

High Impact Sites for immediate attention & research, all on Table Mountain – Cape Town:

Peers Burial Cave & Ascension Cave in the Sun Valley on Ou Kaapse Weg, Logies Rocks at Llandudno, Woodstock cave, the Camissa River and including all annual springs surrounding Table Mountain.


Sunpath Sacred Site Tours and the Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa has as a key objective, the Protection of ancient Sacred Sites by Community Custodianship Initiatives that will bring together the necessary intellect and resources in the country, to be able to advance the existing & new fields of study, including that of archaeo-astronomy in Southern Africa.


To be a governing, advisory & consulting platform for the ancient Sacred Sites of Southern Africa. Co-Creating custodianship initiatives within communities surrounding Sacred Sites. Developing projects that spiritually and physically empower and continue to nurture, heal and develop communities and individuals. Researching, documenting and making available to all, an understanding of the Sacred Sites of Southern Africa.

We are currently sponsoring the training of potential guides and custodians. We have drawn up Management Plans to assist with the protection of these ancient Sacred Heritage Sites, which has been submitted to Paddy Gordon, Manager at Table Mountain National Park. We are also holding gatherings such as seminars and tours to sites and will keep Patrons & involved parties updated about new developments.


The SSFSA is undertaking science-based heritage conservation projects that include the mapping of these Sacred Sites, along with Community Custodianship job creation projects. Southern Africa's ancient & prehistoric Sacred Sites are being degraded at an alarming rate. We aim to give priority to scientific research and monitoring, and provide community linked staffing for such Sacred Site projects.

There is a growing interest in, and understanding of the need to preserve South Africa's heritage and multi-cultural legacy. Africa's vast indigenous knowledge systems continue to receive recognition and many archaeological discoveries have focused attention on the ancient history of Southern Africa.

We are forming community links with the Khoi and San heritage groups around Cape Town & South Africa, these cultural links are important to the global family. Our research, mapping & community custodianship projects will be an important part of the preservation of these Sacred Sites.


Ancient astronomy in Southern Africa

from the book "Pathways of the Sun" - 2006 - Dean Liprini

"Could it be that the early people living on the Southern African subcontinent had a complete understanding of the natural landscape and it hidden pyramidal & sacred geometries? So that, instead of creating monuments in the form left by the ancient Eqyptian, Mayan & Inca civilisations, they applied their understanding to the landscape around them and saw the sacred geometries reflected in nature itself? Could they have seen the forms of the pyramids in the mountains, rocks & crystals? Perhaps they noted the places touched by the first light of dawn and the last rays at sunset, and revered them as sacred places, indicating each with a marker stone.

Here I believe they created their shrines, using the tools around them to create geometric markerstones, some with human faces from the rocks, carving & coaxing facial features from the granite & the sandstone. Often these were given eyes through which the shaman or priest could commune with nature. These eyes were direced towards the forces of nature of the mighty sky gods. The Table Mountain Sunpath also interacts with diamond & pyramid shaped rocks, which were both placed & naturally aligned with the Soltices & Equinox sunrise & sunset."

The scale and magnitude of the South Africa profiles, observatories and Markerstones covering an area over 800 kilometres long is monumental in proportion and defies explanation. Much work remains to be done to document all the known sites, many of which lie on privately owned land and are inaccessible to the public. This Mapping of the Southern African Sacred Sites is the primary objective of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa, along with developing a strong network of Community Custodianship projects around the country."

Dean Liprini is the author of "Pathways of the Sun - understanding the mysteries of Table Mountain & beyond". He is based in Cape Town, South Africa and for over 20 years has been an independent Archeo Astronomer / Researcher of these Sunpath Sacred Sites. To help protect these and other Sacred Sites accross Southern Africa & create greater awareness, in 2012 Dean founded the "Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa" (registered in South Africa as a Not for Profit Organisation Reg:100-727-NPO). He has explored not only the various physical academic sciences, Archaeology, Astronomy, Geology, Geography and History, but also the Sacred Geometries, Spiritual and Metaphysical Healing aspects enshrined within these Sacred Sites. You can join a Tour group regularly visiting these Sacred Sites.