Die Oog, Kuruman area, Northern Cape

Die Oog (The Eye), near Kuruman in the Northern Cape, is the largest fresh water spring in the southern hemisphere, the locals claim it has healing properties.

OUR CUSTODIANSHIP AND COMMUNITY INITIATIVES FOR: Die Oog  We have run many tours to this special place set on the edge of the Kalahari Desert and home to many displaced bushman San Communities. We have made contact with some of these communities in and around Kuruman the town that is custodian of this sacred spring. It is also the home of Baba Credo Mutwa and Virginia his wife.  We help facilitate groups to visit and share with baba and Virginia, we are looking at helping train Guides to further facillitate group tours to this Sacred Spring and the other surrounding Sacred Sites, like Matulamela (a sacred mountain and shelter containing San Rock Art).

ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH - Die Oog: More coming soon Research shows that Moffit spent time here and this was where the first bible in South Africa was printed.  You can still visit the Moffit Mission in this area, and see relics from days gone by. The Rock art research from this area will be uploaded shortly.

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE AND INTERPRETATION - Die Oog:  The Eye is said to be the largest fresh water spring in the southern hemisphere, and is claimed by the locals to have healing properties. For the San Bushman ancient people this must have been a great symbol of abundance finding so much cool, refreshing, clean and revitalising water in such a dry and hot area.  Water is used to Purify and as a medium to transform, metamorphose ....a place of REBIRTHING.  The Eye also is a symbol of the Spirit, a place of Primordial Water.