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Sacred Sites Foundation logo Nov 201Please go to our FB Sacred Sites Foundation group page is to keep you updated with the latest sacred site discoveries, a schedule of Dean’s talks and workshops, sacred and spiritual linkups and events globally.

1. "Sacred Voices" on Vimeo - Sacred Voices is a short film which shares the messages of eight traditional Sacred Natural Site Custodians from Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Uganda. They share an ancient birthright and duty to protect the Sacred Natural Sites found within their territories. In April 2012 a unique meeting brought them together to share their experiences and concerns relating to their Sacred territories and the threats that they face. Together they drafted a “Statement on Common African Customary Laws for the Protection of Sacred Natural Sites” and created this film.

2. Africa's sacred natural sites under threat.  Many of Africa’s Sacred Natural Sites and communities are under threat from mining, tourism and other developments. Adam Hussein Adam, author of the report explains, ‘‘Laws and policies urgently need to recognise and support the rights of communities to their traditional and customary land tenure and governance systems.’’

3. Sacred Land Film Project  On April 19 2010, bulldozers moved in on Phiphidi Waterfall, one of the sacred sites of South Africa’s vhaVenda people, breaking ground on a project to build a tourist-chalet complex. The move was the latest blow in the Ramunangi clan’s years-long struggle to assert their role as traditional custodians of Phiphidi and protect their sacred site from development.  For years visitors, lured by government tourism marketing, have been literally trashing the site — trampling vegetation and leaving litter in even the most sacred areas — while the Ramunangi have been denied full access to perform certain rituals. In addition, a road-building project recently destroyed one of Phiphidi’s most holy areas, a rock above the falls.

4. UCT Team to map ancient Mideast city of Petra.  The Zamani Research Group of UCT’s Geomatics Department, headed by Emeritus Professor Heinz Rüther, leave for Petra in two weeks for a week of laser-scanning, geographic information systems, area photography and spatial documentation work.