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Map of South Africa1) Sacred Site Mapping

The initial Mapping of the Sacred Sites of Southern Africa is underway! We are developing an interactive map showing areas of Southern Africa where we have documented the sacred sites. When zooming into the area you will see all the sacred sites in and around that portion of southern Africa.

You can make a donation to help support this important work to safeguard the Sacred Sites of Southern Africa - click here to our GiveNGain link to Make a Donation to our Sacred Site Mapping Project.

The general information for each site includes:  Historical, archeological, geographical, cultural, astronomical, spiritual and metaphysical significance.  Plus who the Custodians of that particular sacred site are, and their Contact information; Visiting protocols; restrictions if any, what guides / facilitators are available; How to get there further maps, directions, food water availability etc; When there are guided tours/ceremonies/workshops and various other community development projects and events aligned to the Sacred Sites Foundation Mission and Vision (eg. The African Conservation Trust)

Nqamakwe Cape Town Tour 2012 192) Community Custodianship Program

We are currently focused on meet the communities surrounding these Table Mountain sites, and we have started to initiate custodianship programs, training Field guides and developing a sustainable infrastructure to promote/educate the community with regards to Cultural heritage tourism and Conservation of these areas.  The primary aims of the Community Custodianship project are dual - conservation linked with job creation on the ground.

Brent and Sharlene profile picHere are Brent Thomas & Sharlene Malan, our first two Community Custodians in training.  Each person we initiate training for on this Community Custodianship Program will be visible on their own Trainee Page, and you will be able to watch their progress.  You can make a donation to help support this important work to safeguard the Sacred Sites of Southern Africa - click here to our GiveNGain link to Make a Donation to the Community Custodianship Project.

sacred sites foundation logo

Dean Liprini is the author of the book "Pathways of the Sun - unveiling the mysteries of Table Mountain & Beyond" by Red Nolan Press, ISBN 177013039X (2006).  He is based in South Africa and is an independent Archeo Astronomer/ Researcher/ Author/ Geomancer.  He has re-discovered the Sunpath Sacred Sites formation and is the CEO of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa (Not for Profit Organisation, registered in SA). He has spent more than 20 years researching the Sacred Sites of the ancient people at the Southern tip of Africa.  The scale and magnitude of the profiles, observatories and Markerstones covering an area over 800 kilometres long is monumental in proportion and defies explanation.  Much work remains to be done to document all the known sites, many of which lie on privately owned land and are inaccessible to the public.  This Mapping of the Southern African Sacred Sites is the primary objective of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa, along with developing a strong network of Community Custodianship projects around the country.

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