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Suikerbossie Sacred Cave & Equinox Rocks

Suikerbossie Sacred Site Cape Town 05-12-2012 16Regular tours to this public space Sacred Site are arranged for indiviudals or for groups.  To book an informative Guided Tour contact the Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa c/o Dean Liprini:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / +27 (0)79 404 8762.

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OUR CUSTODIANSHIP AND COMMUNITY INITIATIVES FOR: The Suikerbossie Watchman's Cave & Equinox Rocks

The SSFSA are planning a signage intiative at this site to bring public awareness to the sacredness of this site.  We are aiming to create jobs by training custodians & guides from the Hout Bay community nearby, to help facilitate groups visiting this important site, to ensure a "Tread Lightly" conciousness and appropriate protocols are maintained.  We have already approached the Hout Bay Hangberg community & met with the local Koi leaders, and this discussion is ongoing.  One of these was John Roberts (who sadly passed away in the Oct 2012 Hout Bay cruise boat tragedy), but out of this terrible accident we have met his friends, Brent Thomas and Sharlene Botha, who are now officially the first Community Custodian Guides on this program.

Brent and Sharlene profile picIf you would like to support and sponsor these two Community Custodian Guides training, please go to our Donation page link here.

Project Progress Report:  Wednesday 5 December 2012 - Brent Thomas joined the SSFSA on his third training hike.  We took a group of 4 to the Suikerbossie Watchman's Cave & Granite Equinox Rock.  Brent has expressed a specific interest in helping with the School Awareness project which we launch in Feb 2013, where we will do a lecture tour of local schools to create awareness.

Suikerbossie Sacred Site Cape Town 05-12-2012 21Suikerbossie Sacred Site Cape Town 05-12-2012 23

Suikerbossie Sacred Site Cape Town 05-12-2012 22


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