Every Sacred Site Tour is unique, giving each individual an authentic experience of these ancient sites dotted around Table Mountain & Southern Africa, see here for a description of these Tours.

Dean Liprini grew up in Pinelands, Cape Town and from a young age has been hiking on Table Mountain.  For two decades he has been leading small & large tours to the Sacred Sites around Table Mountain & Southern Africa.  In 2006 he published a book on his many years of research “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the mysteries of Table Mountain & beyond”, and in March 2012 he registered the “Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa” as a Not for Profit Organisation aimed at creating awareness & community custodianship programs.  He is developing the Training Protocols for this unique form of guiding to visit Sacred Sites country wide.   The SSFSA has a funding programe you can join & contribute to saving these ancient Sacred Sites with a donation.

Individuals wanting personal guides, schools wanting outings for their pupils, companies wanting Team Building for their staff, families wanting a unique experience – all will remember a tour with Dean & his colleagues as very special time spent exploring the outer & their inner landscape.  After a tour with Dean you will understand these surroundings better & have a greater appreciation for the sacredness of our environment.

These sites can be visited by people of all ages, a medium fitness is generally required and the hike is usually 20 to 40mins to reach any one site.  The tours can include transport and refreshments on request.

The “Sacred Site Foundation of SA” can arrange a 1 Day Tour of Table Mountain Sacred Sites, or manage a 10 to 14 day tour around Southern Africa, pick your budget from the list of Cart Options below & we will quote you for a Tour based on your buget.  Please contact Dean directly for assistance with the planning of your tour:

* Unless specially requested, there are 4 standard Sacred Site Day Walks or Hikes which can be arranged into a TOUR for your group visiting Cape Town.  Please contact us to “tailor make” a tour which suits your Group visit.

* During each month in Cape Town we have group walks to some of these sites during significant times of the calendar (particularly Full Moon, Solstice, Equinox & also during Eclipses).  For the Times, Dates and Meeting Places of these monthly events please look at EVENTS page.