Why establish the Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa?

The Immediate Concern & Opportunity

Sacred Sites the world over are suffering huge loss and damage, due to the unconscious development and exploratory procedures and implementations, that were put in place when first research teams and commercial prospectors commenced their exploitations. These were the underlying selfish and greedy intentions of researchers and developers that had little or no respect for the sacredness of the places they were exploiting. This has directly led to the desecration of these sacred sites; the removal of sacred artifacts, the disturbing and removal of sacred soil and burial stones, human remains and the chopping out of rock art - the rock engravings and paintings of these ancient peoples.

We find now sadly in most countries many ancient sacred sites are spoilt beyond repair, sacred treasures lost to humanity for ever and even the very soil and artifacts scattered to the furthest corners of the globe, some hidden and lost in cupboard and drawers of University and Museum archives, unfortunately only experienced or seen by a select few! Many of these Sacred Sites are now, cut off from the public with ugly barbed wire fencing, others sold off to business, housing and farming developers, who have no interest in conserving these sacred sites

We find now sadly in most countries many ancient sacred sites are spoilt beyond repair, sacred treasures lost to humanity for ever and even the very soil and artifacts scattered to the furthest corners of the globe, some hidden and lost in cupboard and drawers of University and Museum archives, unfortunately only experienced or seen by a select few! Many of these Sacred Sites are now, cut off from the public with ugly barbed wire fencing, others sold off to business, housing and farming developers, who have no interest in conserving these sacred sites

It is clear that South Africa needs to be wise and learn from other countries mistakes and introduce a far more holistic and respectful approach to the research and development of our ancient sacred places and treasures, in a way that is inclusive of All relative studies; Physical and Spiritual, Academic and Metaphysical allowing a Unique Group of People – THE SACRED SITES FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA – to be an NPO to advise, through a more collective perspective and consciousness on the:

IF – WHEN - & HOW specific Sacred Sites need to be Safe Guarded and Developed in an Eco-sensitive and Sustainable Way. The need for the Sacred Sites Foundation to be implemented is NOW! Before these Sacred Places (that are our Ancient Heritage, and Sacred Assets) are destroyed and lost forever.

South Africa is not only a Birthplace of Humanity but also perhaps the Birthplace of Human Spirituality. Recently a most exciting Spiritual and mystical discovery in South Africa, was made showing that the Ancient peoples of South Africa built temples and stone monuments with great Astronomical accuracy and Spiritual significance and symbolism, these Sacred Sites and Stones alone hold valuable insight to the Blueprint of Human Spirituality how Ancient people first monumentalized there connection to the Gods of the Heaven and Earth. These sacred sites with their spiritual treasures are a huge draw card for Sacred and Spiritual Tourism, the equivalent of the sacred sites of Machu Picchu of South America, the Great Temples of Mexico, Stonehenge of England, Ayers Rock of Australia, Temples of India and Tibet, the Temple of the Gods of Greece and the famous Great Pyramids of Egypt. These Sacred places around the world create thousands of jobs and bring in Millions of Dollars every year through tourism; from people wishing to visit these countries Sacred Sites.

The scale and magnitude of the Southern African profiles, observatories and Markerstones covering an area over 800 kilometres long is monumental in proportion and defies explanation.  Much work remains to be done to document all the known sites, many of which lie on privately owned land and are inaccessible to the public.  This Mapping of the Southern African Sacred Sites is the primary objective of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa, along with developing a strong network of Community Custodianship projects around the country.

Where are South Africa’s Sacred Sites! Why are they not being acknowledged and protected! Why are we not capitalizing on this great asset and tourism potential we have right here in South Africa. A recent study done by graduate students at the University of Cape Town showed a steady increase and interest in Spiritual Tourism.

Our initial planning cycle, we have been as conservative as possible, particularly in the area of short-term revenues generation. The body of the document provides an estimate of likely revenues, for each of the revenue producing companies involved, over the next five years. Based on current attendance figures at the top Cape Town tourist attractions, the potential community generated income from the NPO Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa could be R5m and R10 million annually over the next 5 year period.

With 70% of the profits being fed back directly into the chosen Sacred Sites development projects and creating more than 3000 new jobs over 5 years for people in the Communities surrounding these Sacred Sites.

Business Goals

We have set ourselves the following goals for our first two operating years following the launch of the Sacred Site Foundation of South Africa in November 2012:

DONE - MARCH 2012 •Establish Sacred Site Foundation of South Africa as an NPO vehicle for the Protection and Development of Sacred Sites in South Africa.

CURRENT - Late 2012 / early 2013: Work on A FORUM of carefully selected and high profile Founder Members nationally and internationally, that are a true reflection of the Collective consciousness and varied perspectives we believe are necessary.  Being inclusive of All studies; Physical and Spiritual, Academic and Metaphysical allowing this Forum to be a Unique Collection and Grouping of People, mindful and dedicated to upholding the sacredness of the task at hand.  Develop the funding proposals which will be our 5 year / 10, 20 & 30 Year plans.

MEMBERS: consisting of individual, groups and companies nationally and internationally, who wish to join in support of the Sacred Sites Foundation of South Africa.

These members will be allowed to voice any opinions ideas to the SSFSA, lend support by donations, offer assistance at functions, be included in project development and offer their expertise to the cause when and where needed.

•Identify newly discovered and already threatened high impact Sacred Sites in need of Protection and Respectful, sustainable and eco-conscious development.

•Produce an All Inclusive - Blue Print Development plan for Sacred Sites – Including amongst others; research, numerous employment, economic, social upliftment and empowerment opportunities, product development.

•Media Department to do Worldwide release of latest Research and Findings on South Africa’s Sacred Sites . Documentary Film/Video/DVD/Books and other Media. Continue to be of service to local authors of Ancient African knowledge of history, spirituality, healing, ancestry, myths & legends, cosmology, sacred sites etc. •Creation of Sacred Site Interpretive Centre on Table Mountain in the Waterfront and Museum •Internationally recognized and interactive Website.

•Sacred Site Tour training program jointly with South African Tourism and Tour Operators

•Education Program arranged for the Sacred Sites to share the knowledge with the children.

•Funding Network responsible for seeking Donations/Funding Nationally and Internationally

•Research Program – responsible for compiling and archiving the research of Sacred Sites in South Africa and continued Communication with researchers locally and Internationally – Especially those fields of enquiry those are not yet recognized or available in South Africa.

•Arts and Culture Development program to include and organize Traditional Healing, Story Telling, Reenactments, Indigenous Craft Work, Singing and Musical Instruments within and around the Sacred Sites •Product Development – Consciousness raising, eco and environmentally safe products, made by locales of surrounding communities

•Marketing – an Ethical and responsible marketing plan that reflects the Mission &Vision of the Sacred Sites Foundation and its various products. We will be ever mindful of our responsibility to protect and conserve this priceless natural heritage entrusted to us and our commitment to the upliftment of the local communities and spirit of the people.


5 Year Project Plan - leading on to a 10 / 20 & 30 Year Plan.

FUNDING OVER 5 YEARS - R11Million projected costs / R2.2 Million per annum total overheads including those for Mappng & Community Custodian training program, and the school outreach project.

Startup Costs include Event Planning, 24 Shool Visits per annum, Marketing & Publicity, Interpretive Information Sheets, Salaries and Stipend Wages for Guides in training, Office costs including internet & stationary = Total Overhead Costs.

Year 1: Sacred Site Foundation of South Africa was registered in March 2012 as an NPO, to be the organizational company to house the interests and will be the primary investment & project finance vehicle. This NPO step was required so as to enable us to work closely with all the necessary Government Departments – National Monuments, National Parks, Tourism, Arts & Culture.

The Sacred Sites Foundation of SA was registered in March 2012 and is already begining to provide services and administrative functions for the group as a whole, and we envisage six subsidiaries within the organization with the following focus:


Sacred Site Tours: will be the main revenue earning vehicle offering specialized tours and experiences by carefully selected and trained Sacred Site Tour Guides.

Sacred Site Publishing: Will be a revenue earning vehicle engaged in negotiating and facilitating struggling authors to publish their works. The subject matter is to be in alignment with the mission and vision of the Sacred Site Foundation. This will include and extend to all forms of publishing media, song writers, musicians, artists, documentary film and video material. These publications will be done at no cost to the authors and the profits gained from the sale of the published material, will be shared fairly with the authors and SSF.

Sacred Site Merchandising: Will develop and market a range of Sacred Site products for sale to the public. These products for the most part will be hand made by local people living within and around these sacred sites. The Products will environmentally safe and eco-conscious

Sacred Site Network & Internet Division: Is responsible for networking with local business owners, societies, government departments and high profile individuals and organizations for funding, donations and potential resources. This division will also be involved with all internet marketing aspects and will sell On-line; Sacred Site Tours – Events – Products - and encourage world wide Donations to support the SSFSA.


Sacred Site Research & Protection: This division will manage the ongoing Research Program, bringing in experts in various fields of study locally and internationally, compiling and archiving this valuable research of our Sacred Sites in South Africa. Also keeping continued communication with researchers and universities locally and Internationally – Especially in those fields of enquiry that are as yet not recognized or available in South Africa.

Education: This division to form an education program making available to all schools and universities the research and findings as well as arranging sponsored tours for Schools, The Elderly and Physically disabled to visit the sacred sites and interpretive centers

Social and Community Upliftment : This department will be involved at a grass roots level, interacting directly with the surrounding communities, encouraging individuals and groups to be actively involved, To join the Sacred Site Team as Site Guardians – Tour Guides – Conservation and Site Development Workers. Uplift the individual and community spirit by inspiring them to join the Sacred Site Arts and Culture programs and come Sing, Dance, recite their Poetry play their Musical instruments, be a Story Teller helping others to remember the great spirit and wisdom of Africa. Or choose individuals to Make Products for resale. To encourage Informal Trade stations at the entrance to Sacred Sites where the community can sell their own Craftwork. Car Guards, Interpretive Center Managers.

It is imperative that we obtain Government endorsement, cooperation of S.A. National Parks and other Conservation Projects, and include high profile business and/or political appointees among our board of executive Patrons.

Conclusion: We will make this venture one that people believe in and support for all the right reasons. Our activities will yield products with true worldwide value as well as generating and supporting local business and employment opportunities. The greater our success the greater benefit for all South Africans.

THE SACRED SITE FOUNDATION OF SOUTH AFRICA has the potential to develop a NEW tourism niche and become one of the largest job creation, community upliftment and revenue earners of South Africa.

Support South Africa’s Sacred Site Foundation for the preservation of these sites for all of humanity!

Purpose of Document: The main purpose of this document is two fold: To describe the objectives and business opportunities of the SSF in sufficient detail so that we can. Obtain firm commitment to the required funding for the development phase of the business i.e. the preparation of detailed financial budgets and forecasts; Obtain in principle, commitment to the amount and structuring of the funding necessary to implement the business plan in full; Enter into binding partnership agreements with the identified key individuals, Government, National Parks and / or organizations.

To provide a foundation for developing the NPO which will help us to: Remain on course in achieving our primary goals; Evaluate performance against agreed targets. This is a working document that we will develop and maintain as we manage and grow the business.