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Dean Liprini hosts a Shamanic Adventure like no other

This journey is available to no more than 10 people please contact me directly by SMS or WhatsApp if you wish to join: Dean 0794048762 Cost: Shared accommodation R3500 Single accommodation R4200 includes all daily teachings and experiences, transport, food, accommodation. Dates: Oct 1st, 2nd, & 3rd. 1st Oct We head for the hills…Sacred Bushmans Kloof […]

The meaning behind the meaning of Anthropological research

Humankind has always strived for knowledge in all things, but one of the most difficult topics has been humankind itself. From psychology to biology, the search for greater understanding of humans and their various ways of life have been unceasing. The start of anthropological research as we know it today, began with the search for […]

Ancient land marks became observatories for modern archeo-astronomy discovery.

Historically and metaphysically celestial bodies served as a guide for great events and discoveries in societies and science. Dean Liprini’s research through the Sacred Sites foundation supports this statement. African civilization lacks records as compared to other continents. However, discovering the connection of the natives with the sun and the moon was through extensive research. […]

Spirituality and science meet in the archaeo-astronomical phenomenon of the Southern African sunpaths.

The earliest peoples of South Africa are largely enigmatic. What is known about the historic inhabitants of this territory is that there was an ancient awareness of the spiritual power of nature’s cyclical habits and the movements of the sun and moon.  Records of ceremonial rituals and art, such as rock gongs and paintings support this […]

Die Oog and the Great Motherstone are some of the windows that connect us to our primordial and spiritual past!

The preservation of culturally and spiritually significant Southern African archaeological, geographical and communal sites is also the preservation of what inexorably links all humanity together. The Sacred Sites Foundation, with archaeoastronomical researcher and author Dean Liprini at the helm, are ensuring that our diverse heritage sites, and the communities ancestrally linked to them, remain protected […]

Archaeological research conducted by Dean Liprini plays a vital role in discovering our history.

Archaeology, simply put, refers to the study of human history through the analysis of artefacts and physical remains, and the excavation of historical sites. Archaeology is also an experience, connecting researchers to our ancestors through spaces and artefacts that have been untouched by human hands since they were left there generations ago. In South Africa, […]

Sacred Sites spiritual

Sacred Sites play a role in spiritual and metaphysical research, which strives to explain existence.

South Africa, home to a world of sacred spaces from some of the earliest traces of human existence, is a country rich in spirit and culture that pre-dates any organised form of worship or religion. It’s impossible to visit some of these spaces without feeling intrinsically connected in some way that goes beyond our isolated […]

Sacred Sites aligned with the stars

Dean Liprini discovers another sacred site that is aligned with the stars

Dean Liprini, founder of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa has made many fascinating discoveries in the past such as the discovery of the Grail stone 19 years ago. Now he has made another great discovery, he’s confirmed that the southern circumpolar star constellation Triangulum Australis aligns itself exactly to the shape of the […]

Sacred Sites archaeoatronomy

The spark, history and research of SSFSA founder, Dean Liprini’s reveals his passion for archaeoastronomy in this interview.

It takes a sensitive soul to explore and understand Mother Africa and the intelligent and conscious construct of ancient civilizations. Such is the character of the man who made it his mission in life to share his knowledge, involve communities and create opportunities for people to experience the wonders of the sacred sites with him. This […]

Sacred Sites

This is what inspired the origin of the Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa

The Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa (SSFSA) was founded by Dean Liprini in 2012. It is the rich historical and archaeological history of these incredible places and its metaphysical meaning that inspires and drives our passion to protect its heritage. When Dean set out on a journey at the age of 22 with a […]