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The meaning behind the meaning of Anthropological research

Humankind has always strived for knowledge in all things, but one of the most difficult topics has been humankind itself. From psychology to biology, the search for greater understanding of humans and their various ways of life have been unceasing. The start of anthropological research as we know it today, began with the search for […]

sun path

Sacred Sites shines a light on the sun path.

Sun paths are the arc-like trails the sun follows through the sky as the earth completes an orbit around it. Sun paths are important to us because the earth’s axial tilt means that wherever the sun is directly overhead receives the greatest amount of insolation (the solar radiation reaching the earth’s surface). When it is […]

Ancient land marks became observatories for modern archeo-astronomy discovery.

Historically and metaphysically celestial bodies served as a guide for great events and discoveries in societies and science. Dean Liprini’s research through the Sacred Sites foundation supports this statement. African civilization lacks records as compared to other continents. However, discovering the connection of the natives with the sun and the moon was through extensive research. […]

Spirituality and science meet in the archaeo-astronomical phenomenon of the Southern African sunpaths.

The earliest peoples of South Africa are largely enigmatic. What is known about the historic inhabitants of this territory is that there was an ancient awareness of the spiritual power of nature’s cyclical habits and the movements of the sun and moon.  Records of ceremonial rituals and art, such as rock gongs and paintings support this […]

Sacred Sites aligned with the stars

Dean Liprini discovers another sacred site that is aligned with the stars

Dean Liprini, founder of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa has made many fascinating discoveries in the past such as the discovery of the Grail stone 19 years ago. Now he has made another great discovery, he’s confirmed that the southern circumpolar star constellation Triangulum Australis aligns itself exactly to the shape of the […]

Movies – San Trance Dance & “Sacred Voices”

1. “Sacred Voices” is a short film which shares the messages of eight traditional Sacred Natural Site Custodians from Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Uganda. They share an ancient birthright and duty to protect the Sacred Natural Sites found within their territories. In April 2012 a unique meeting brought them together to share their experiences and concerns […]

South African National Anthem – phonetic pronounciation

(See the Translation in brackets): LISTEN VIA “UBUNTU BRIDGE”- Learning Xhosa, bridging gaps, uniting a nation. Phonetic pronounciation in RED below each line Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika. (Lord bless Africa) N CORE SEA … SICK E LE-LI….. AFRIKA. Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo, (Let her Spirit be raised!) MA LOO PUG A KNEE SUE .. OOH PAWN DOOR […]