Harmonic Resonance : 5 – 15 May 2019

A journey of power to South Africa with Dean Liprini and Fleur de Wet. Aligning to the 7 Chakras through Resonance and Ceremony, we follow Mama Africa’s Songlines to walk in the footsteps of the ancestral San.


On the Southwestern tip of Southern Africa, lies Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula. Due to its geological formation and make-up, it functions as a gigantic tuning-fork for the entire continent. It is made up of granite igneous rock which is crystalline in its matrix. Large quantities of silica, mica and quartz lie embedded within it, all components of a transistor radio. Thus the Cape Peninsula, at the southwestern tip of Africa, stands as a great receptor and conveyor of sound.

This geological tuning fork is activated through the primal energies of the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. As the crystalline structure of the peninsular granite resonates, the frequency of its song is transmitted through the crystalline granite matrix of the bedrock and across the entire continent, travelling along energy pathways that connect to different vortexes, activating and intensifying the specific qualities of these sites.

Our purpose is to journey to the seven sacred sites which are the energy vortexes or Chakras of the Peninsula and Table Mountain. In these places we will add our song and dance to the tuning fork’s resonance, at the same time receiving the benefits of its vibration into our subtler bodies. We will join our healing prayers and intentions to the great orchestra of its song. This is amplified and multiplied through harmonic resonance of the crystal grids throughout Mama Africa’s body. We will honour the union of the divine principles of the Feminine and the Masculine, recognizing the divine Child in every living being. We will honour these principles as revealed by the landscape during the course of our seven pilgrimages on the Peninsula and in the Mother City.

After completion of this healing journey, we will travel to Bushman’s Kloof in the northern Cederberg to celebrate the myriad of artful paintings left by the early San (Bushmen), thus honouring the ancient peoples and their legacy which lives on at the root of human consciousness.

Returning to Cape Town, we will linger in the timeless Fertility Cave at the top of Paarl Rock, to touch the birthing of our divine nature and sing the songs of New Beginnings.

We complete our journey with an overnight stop by the beautiful Berg River, where early European settlers populated the fertile valley during the late seventeenth century.

Dates: 5 – 15 May 2019

Cost: $2 500 (USD)
Closing date for enrollment: 31 March 2019

The cost of the programme includes daily circle dance, practices and techniques for harmonizing the chakra system, visits to different nature reserves with their ecosystems uniquely adapted to the deep southern regions of Africa, all outings and walks specified in the itinerary, a traditional African dance class, 3 meals a day, accommodation and all overland transport.

Not included: International flights, medical insurance, drinks and tips.
Optional activities (not included in cost): boat trip whale sightings, sailing, horse riding on Noordhoek beach, camel rides, diving and much more…

The Facilitators

Dean Liprini will guide our journey.
Author of the book “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond”, Dean investigates the energy grids of the earth by means of geomancy and archaeoastronomy, rediscovering the songlines/ vibrational pathways by which these ancient sacred sites are connected.
Dean is the co-founder of the Sacred Sites Foundation, dedicated to strengthening the voice of the original peoples and to protect and preserve the sacred sites which they frequented. Dean has been guided and counselled by Credo Mutwa, widely known and well respected sangoma (shaman) of the Zulu tribe.

Fleur de Wet will focalize the Circle Dances during our journey. She lives both in Argentina and in South Africa and has been teaching circle dance since 1997. She coordinates journeys, encounters and international dance workshops in Latin America and southern African countries.

The journey will be conducted in English, with simultaneous translation into Spanish and Portuguese. To contact Fleur, please go to wehomah@gmail.com.


Day 1 (Sunday 5th May)

  • Arrival Cape Town International Airport, transport to hotel at Noordhoek on the Cape Peninsula.
  • Leisure time to explore surroundings and optional activities Opening Circle and Welcoming Circle Dance at 16h30
  • Dinner

Day 2 (Monday 6th May)

  • Breakfast
  • 7th Chakra Site (CROWN): Panoramic perspective of the city bowl from the slopes of Table Mountain Circle Dance
  • Visit to St. George’s Cathedral, the feminine aspect of the crown Chakra. Here we will walk the labyrinth and connect to the female waters that flow down from the saddle between the Lion’s Head and Table Mountain, through the Company Gardens and past the Cathedral.
  • Visit to the Castle in the Cape Town city bowl, the port of entry for the masculine energy of European conquerors into the southern lands of Africa. Here we will invoke balance within the Crown Chakra through silence and meditation.
  • Picnic lunch in the Company Gardens. Leisure time at hotel.
  • Dinner.

Day 3 (Tuesday 7th May)

  • Breakfast
  • 6th Chakra Site (THIRD EYE): We ascend Table Mountain Hike to the Eye of the Goddess.
    Ceremonial connection to the ascending energy of the mountain and its confluence with the upward gaze of the Mountain Goddess looking to the stars.
  • Pizza lunch on the mountain.
  • Free time in Cape Town
  • Dinner and Circle Dance at hotel

Day 4 (Wednesday 8th May)

  • Breakfast
  • 5th Chakra Site (THROAT): Scenic drive over Chapman’s Peak Road to Hout Bay, Lundudno and Constantia Nek. Walk to the Great Mother Stone, where earth, sky and sea meet. In this place we honour the Divine Feminine Principle. Toning and energy alignment in the Caves of Fertility as we connect to the abundance of the earth.
  • Lunch
  • Leisure time at hotel
  • Crafts Market, dinner and Circle Dance at Cape Point Vineyards

Day 5 (Thursday 9th May)

  • Breakfast
  • 4th Chakra Site (HEART, Inferior and Superior) Walk through Sun Valley.
    In the Great Burial Cave we pay homage to the ancestors and we honour the prehistoric cave paintings that remain there. We ascend into the Tunnel of Light, the Ascension Cave which is the birthing canal for the Child, begotten through the divine union of Father Sun and Mother Earth in this same place during the summer solstice.Circle dance, toning and meditation.
  • Lunch
  • Leisure time at hotel Dinner and Sharing Circle

Day 6 (Friday 10th May)

  • Breakfast
  • 3rd Chakra Site (SOLAR PLEXUS): Visit to Glencairn / Blackhill Walk to the Pyramid of the All-Seeing Eye, a gigantic marker stone in alignment with the setting sun on Summer Solstice day. It marks the energy centre of the solar plexus for the Peninsula; it is by nature solar, fiery and masculine. Alignment and balancing of the seven Chakras through toning and harmonic resonance.
  • Lunch.
  • Visit to Simon’s Town and Mineral World.
  • Dinner and Circle Dance

Day 7 (Saturday 11th May)

  • Breakfast
  • 2nd Chakra Site (SACRAL) Visit to Scarborough Beach and walk to Schuster’s River, place of sexual consummation between the great Feminine and Masculine Principles. We honour this divine union and the Spark of Life which arises as a result.
  • Lunch in Scarborough
  • Visit to the beach penguins.
  • Traditional African dance class
  • Dinner

Day 8 (Sunday 12th May)

  • Breakfast
  • 1st Chakra Site (ROOT): Visit to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. Seeding ceremony on Dias Beach, at the south-western tip of the Peninsula: Together we seed our collective prayers and the intentions of our journey into the primal oceans of the Atlantic and the Indian, where the warm and cold currents converge (Masculine and Feminine)
  • Early lunch
    *Alternative programme (if it rains) Visit to Masiphumelele Township
  • Travel to Bushman’s Kloof after lunch Overnight at Traveller’s Rest in the Cederberg mountains.
  • Dinner and Circle Dance.

Day 9 (Monday 13th May)

  • Breakfast
  • We walk the trail of the ancient San people, understanding the message of the rock art paintings (full day excursion, lunch included)
  • Dinner and Sharing Circle

Day 10 (Tuesday 14th May)

  • Breakfast
  • Morning walk and relax by the river
  • Depart for Paarl Ceremony at the Fertility Cave on Paarl Rock, setting our intention for new beginnings.
  • Overnight by the banks of the Berg River.

Day 11 (Wednesday 15th May)

  • Breakfast
  • Closing Circle beside the flowing waters.
  • Transport to Cape Town International Airport
  • Departure

Enrolment and bookings:

Enrollment will be accepted on completion of below enrollment form.
Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of a bank transfer of $2 000 (USD). The remainder of the sum $500 (USD) will be payable in cash, on arrival.
A retention fee of $400 (USD) is applicable for late cancellation, excepting where a replacement traveller is forthcoming.


Via international bank transfer to Dean Liprini (details will be given upon enrolment). The final payment of $500 (USD) will be made in cash on arrival.


By e- mail to Fleur de Wet (Barragán): wehomah@gmail.com
Via Whatsapp: +27 79 850 5146 (only Whatsapp)

Enrolment Form:

Please complete all details and send by e- mail to Fleur. wehomah@gmail.com
Wait for confirmation of receipt (return e-mail) – if not, kindly resend.

Name (as stated in passport):
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Postal address:
Dietary requirements (please respect your chosen option throughout the journey):
…. Vegetarian
…. Ovo-lactic-vegetarian
…. No restrictions
…. Other
Medical Antecedents of importance:
Enrollment date:

IMPORTANT: South Africa requires a YELLOW FEVER vaccination certificate if you are travelling from, or live within, a risk zone (e.g. certain South American countries) – the authorities will demand to see the original certificate together with your passport. Please verify if you need one. Also check on Visa requirements for your country. All passports must be valid for at least six months longer than your intended stay (i.e minimum of 6 months’ validity after exit date from South Africa)

Activities will not be suspended if it rains (excepting for the ascent up to Table Mountain/ descent to Dias Beach at Cape Point) – please bring your oilskins, umbrellas etc. The climate can be quirky at the tip of Africa, so bring your windbreaker, sneakers, springtime gear and late winter woollies. T-shirts are good for sunny day hikes, hat, sunscreen, bathing costumes.


If you co-ordinate or participate in Sacred Circle Dance groups, please share this information with your group
(Also available in Spanish)