Sacred Sites Sound Healing Journey with Mabinty San & Dean Liprini – 18 to 30 April 2019

In Understanding the Interconnections of All Things – We Heal Ourselves and we Heal Our Earth. The Spirit of Mother Africa is deeply rooted in the Earth and in all that She nurtures; her trees, her animals and her people. We will explore, interact and connect to this Nature and Spirit that enshrines the ancient Sacred Sites of Southern Africa, their collective […]

Day pilgrimage with Don’a Micaela Don Rafael, Marakames

It is with great honour that I invite you to come and join in a pilgrimage walk to sacred site with Don’a Micaela and Don Rafael, Marakames from the Wixarrika Nation,the guardians of the Deer Medicine Hikuri… We are blessed to bring them to Africa and even more blessed to connect them with our indigenous healers and wisdom keepers on ancient lands to […]

The Equinox Adventure Tour of Great Zimbabwe & South Africa 6 -22 March 2019 will allow you to connect to the antiquity of the human spirit.

Are you ready to be spiritually illuminated by venturing deep into the ancient and indigenous landscapes and people of Africa? Join Sacred Sites Tours on The Equinox Adventure Tour of South Africa 6 -22 March 2019 and prepare to embrace the antiquity of the human spirit. We invite you to transform the way you perceive […]

Harmonic Resonance : 5 – 15 May 2019

A journey of power to South Africa with Dean Liprini and Fleur de Wet. Aligning to the 7 Chakras through Resonance and Ceremony, we follow Mama Africa’s Songlines to walk in the footsteps of the ancestral San. CAPE TOWN, CAPE PENINSULA & BUSHMAN’S KLOOF On the Southwestern tip of Southern Africa, lies Cape Town and the Cape […]

Movies – San Trance Dance & “Sacred Voices”

1. “Sacred Voices” is a short film which shares the messages of eight traditional Sacred Natural Site Custodians from Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa and Uganda. They share an ancient birthright and duty to protect the Sacred Natural Sites found within their territories. In April 2012 a unique meeting brought them together to share their experiences and concerns […]

South African National Anthem – phonetic pronounciation

(See the Translation in brackets): LISTEN VIA “UBUNTU BRIDGE”- Learning Xhosa, bridging gaps, uniting a nation. Phonetic pronounciation in RED below each line Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika. (Lord bless Africa) N CORE SEA … SICK E LE-LI….. AFRIKA. Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo, (Let her Spirit be raised!) MA LOO PUG A KNEE SUE .. OOH PAWN DOOR […]