Sacred Sites Sound Healing Journey with Mabinty San & Dean Liprini – 18 to 30 April 2019

In Understanding the Interconnections of All Things – We Heal Ourselves and we Heal Our Earth.

The Spirit of Mother Africa is deeply rooted in the Earth and in all that She nurtures; her trees, her animals and her people. We will explore, interact and connect to this Nature and Spirit that enshrines the ancient Sacred Sites of Southern Africa, their collective energy, wisdom and memory they hold.

We will experience authentic meetings and interactions with the indigenous “Originals” and their communities & healers, taking time for sound work, meditation, ceremonies and the seeding of intentions for oneself, the planet and humanity. All this will be performed with a lightness of heart as we co-create a fun-filled, healing journey where we re-discover and remember the inner and outer landscapes that surround and enshrine us.

An experience that will transform the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

Our journey will take us to the South Western Tip of Africa, Cape Town, and the Cape Peninsula, here we visit the powerful Table Mountain Goddess, The Great Motherstone and Fertility Caves, The Great Burial Cave and Ascension Cave, The Pyramid All Seeing Eye rock, Cape Point the Root Chakra, African Townships and Traditional Healers – The Sacred Bushmans Valley – The Hippo Fertility Cave and Seed of Light – Paarl & Cape Winelands, all this and more.

18th to the 30th April 2019
12 Nights & 13 Days
Cost $3600 USD pp sharing
or $4200 Single Supplement

Bookings close 15 December 2018

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A journey into the antiquity of the human spirit…

MABINTY SAN is a Shamanic Vocal Sound Healer, Coach, Life and Earth lover with a very strong intuition, a mother of 3 kids. Connected deeply with mother earth and father sky. She lives and works in Uster Switzerland. She leads groups where people can attend vocal sound healing ceremonies or, if requested, sessions one to one in her Praxis close to Zürich. She did several trainings in integrative energy work, healing art and sound work. She started singing at a very early stage of age and plays piano. After some experiences of singing in bands, background vocals, having her own band, she realised that it didn’t not make her happy…there must be more. So she quit all about music. Through the healing trainings her knowledge about the great healing benefit of sound frequencies came back. In this process she received her spiritual addition “San” to her name Mabinty by her spiritual teacher. In the olden days the San people lived in Capetown. That is why Capetown is her power place. This had a huge impact on her, she got reconnected with her soul ancestors and the tradition to heal true singing and dancing. She had many visions, insights of her future work Vocal Sound Healing but also of past incarnations in Capetown. Mabinty San always felt in her heart, that she has to go to Africa to do her work, reconnect and spread her vocal sound healings all over the world. Given by my soul ancestors to me, it is my great concern to pass on the knowledge of Vocal Sound Healing and to reopen the ancient places and make them available to people. I am convinced that the vocal sound healings/ healing songs can lead you to more clarity, harmony and well-being in your body, soul and mind. On many levels and more…

Capetown with its wonderful ancient holy places, I call them healing sound temples, is a great opportunity for people to discover the healing benefits for themselves. Reconnect, reground yourself and get the power and insights for the next step in life and more..

With love and joy
Mabinty San whose love heals the suffering of the children of the earth.

DEAN LIPRINI is a Sacred Sites researcher and geomancer who grew up on the Lower Slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the founder and CEO of the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa. He has more than 27 years full time experience in this field and has authored a book entitled “Pathways of the Sun – Unveiling the Mysteries of Table Mountain and Beyond”, published 2006. He recently compiled and released a DVD called “Pathways of the Sun – an Awakening.” Being a pioneer of archaeo-astronomy in South Africa, Dean has managed to weave together the many layers of ancient history uncovered by his research and findings – physical, emotional and spiritual – adding his deep insight and knowledge of the metaphysical healing properties that surround and enshrine these sacred places. He masterfully co-creates each journey and experience by carefully discerning the particular needs of various spiritual groups and individuals.


18th April – Arrive Cape Town International Airport

We have arrived in the Mother City, beautiful Cape Town and checked into our accommodations. Lagoon Beach Hotel. Overlooking the majestic Table Mountain and Table Bay. We enjoy a meet and greet sunset dinner at our Hotel, overlooking the beach and ocean – magnificent!

We overnight at the Lagoon Beach Hotel.

19th April – Cape Town and Table Mountain

Breakfast at lodgings, our first morning circle on the beach, a sounding, a uniting of our group energy and an intention setting, for our journey together. We travel to the Mother City, Cape Town. We go up the new Natural Wonder of the World Table Mountain to the top via the Cable Car, experiencing the energies of this incredible site – Table Mountain known as the legendary Umlindi Wemingizimu – the Stone Giant Watcher of the South! We visit the Third Eye Chakra – the upward gazing Eye of the “Table Mountain Goddess”.

We will come together in a third eye meditation in this portal and then enjoy lunch atop the mountain.

After we descend we head  for the westernmost edge of the Cape Peninsula. We gather with others at the Sacred Pyramidal Mountain of Little Lion’s Head to share in a Full Moon ceremony and experience a spectacular alignment of Sunset Moonrise an energetic balancing of the divine masculine Sun and divine feminine Moon ”Magic is Afoot” with an opportunity to seed our individual and collective intentions for ourselves, humanity and our planet.

20th April – The Great Motherstone

The Great Motherstone and Fertility Caves at Logies Rocks on Llandudno beach, an ancient Earth Temple honouring the Sacred Feminine. We do a sound healing meditation, then explore this magical place of ritual where Earth, Sea and Sky meet at the western-most point of the Cape Peninsula., honored by the ancients as the sleeping place of the sun. Where the Sun symbolically died. Here are caves and archaeological remains of 4000 year old shell middens left by the ancient people. We will share with you what archaeologists found and lead you safely through these sacred caves, still steeped with the spirit of the ancestors.

We also experience the power and beauty of the ‘Great Motherstone’, a great place for sunsets and meditation. Your guide will be sharing insights and the astronomical and spiritual significance of this ancient Earth Temple, said to be a place that honors the fertility of Mother Earth, feeling the Smooth Granite under our feet we connect with the sacred Bones of the Mother Earth!

We finish our day in the perfect place for a sunset meditation.

Overnight at Lagoon Beach

21st April : Pyramid All-Seeing Eye & The African & Khoisan Community Townships

We check our of Lagoon Beach and head for Monkey Valley resort in the Sun Valley. At 11am , we visit the sacred Pyramid All-Seeing Eye Rock for a meditation. This ancient Pyramid Marker Stone is aligned to the Sun in the Mid heaven, We will work energetically to better understand the divine masculine and feminine energies that enshrine this place of power and nurturance Mabinti San and Dean will lead a Sound Soular Atunement at Midday Noon Hour.

Dean will make a shamanic tea from the surrounding healing herbs to help imbibe the Earth Heaven Song and facilitate a deeper connection with the energies here. Here we connect to our solar plexus coming into our power and overcoming our fears.

After our sharing we will venture forth for an afternoon stroll into the nearby African Township with Nuntonsi, our local guide. Here we will experience the feelings and emotions of life in an authentic African township. We will meet with everyday people, local musicians and traditional healers. We will be invited to join in a song and dance together.Later we drive along the famous Chapman’s Peak Drive stopping to marvel at the view and the setting sun.

Overnight at Monkey valley.

22nd April : The Great Burial Cave & Ascension Cave – Sunvalley

In Sun Valley lies a Great Mother cave, an ancient sanctuary, burial cave and earth mother womb, where more than 14 skeletons were removed from their resting place. Come and meet the stone guardians overlooking this sacred cave of the ancients. Above is the ‘Ascension Cave’, believed to be a ritual cave of rebirth and fertility. Aligned to the Summer solstice, this is one of the Cape’s most sacred caves.

We will begin by visiting the burial cave and show our love and respect while honouring the ancestors of this sacred place. This is one of the few caves that still has bushman rock art that can be seen.We will then literally ascend to the crystalline Ascension Cave, to experience the light energies & healing frequencies of this sacred portal. Mabinti San leads a sound healing. A sacred ceremonial cave aligned to the Summer Solstice Sunset…honouring the divine union between father sun and mother earth.

23rd April: Cape Point – Primal Base Chakra

After a scrumptious breakfast we will journey further along the Peninsula. En-route we will visit the Simon’s Town penguin colony – home to the African Penguin (previously known as the Jackass Penguin because of the ‘braying’ sounds they make. At the Cape of Good Hope, we place our feet in the ocean at this vortex of sacred waters to experience the powerful energies found here. This is the south-western tip of Africa, the Divine Tuning Fork where we resonate with this great energy and get in tune!

Here at this powerful earth-energy point, at the primal Root Chakra of Africa, we move to the beach to perform a ceremony together – a seeding of intention into the primal womb waters and vortex where the great Indian and Atlantic Oceans converge. It is here where we will share a wonderful picnic lunch on the beach!

Overnight Monkey valley

24th Community Service Day

This day is for the people with the people, we set up a day of activities in the surrounding communities, working with the social upliftment organisations in the area. Work with the children or perhaps get your hands dirty helping build a water tank with the community…What can we do?

Overnight Monkey valley

April 25th – The Sacred Tripod Marker Stone – Sunvalley

This day we take a hike to the ancient cave/shelter of the late Stone Age used for centuries by the Khoi and San people, visible in the mountain above Kalk Bay Harbour. Come gain a deeper insight to the antiquity of the human spirit . Above the cave lies a Tripod Marker-stone placed at the Northern Gateway of the SunValley, aligned to the rising and setting Sun, Moon and Stars. Holding some fascinating Sacred Geometries..(What is this markerstone doing here!) We share another sounding and meditation in this powerful gateway.

Amazing 360 degree view all around.

Overnight Monkey valley

April 26th : Sacred Bushmans Kloof (Valley)

We leave our cozy hotel heading up the West Coast of South Africa, on route to the Sacred Bushman’s Valley,we stop for Lunch at !Khwa Ttu a San Bushman cultural center. It is here in the Bushmans Valley, the Ancient one’s experienced the Sacred Path of the Elephants, the Great Wisdom Keepers. Here we will overnight for 2 nights in converted cottages of the early farm workers.

Before Sunset if time allows, we will walk the trail to experience the land and the shamanic rock paintings left by these Ancient people.
Here we will see two golden elephants that have been ceremoniously positioned to capture the last golden rays of Sunset… we will align ourselves with these great wisdom keepers and their memories. Overnight Bushmans Kloof – Travelers Rest

27th April:The Dinosaur & Dancing Ladies of Bushmans Kloof

The ancients knew much of the Nature of Heaven and Earth and had an open communication with the Stars.

Here Dean will teach a form of meditation to help access the Star communication portal that is here transcend through the veils of time. Above are a set of shamanic paintings showing the journey of the shaman as he passes from spirit animal/dinosaur to human.

After another magical day we spend the night around the Campfire and share some star gazing and storytelling.

Overnight Bushmans Kloof – Travelers Rest

28th April : Cape Winelands – Paarl Mountain – Sacred Hippo Fertility Cave & Seed of Light

We East Back toward Cape Town to the historic wine estates between Paarl Mountain, Franschoek and Stellenbosch – the famous South African Winelands. Here a massif vortex is created by the convergence of two great mountain ranges. We will visit the Sacred Hippo Womb Cave on the great Paarl (Pearl) Rock to pay our respects to the ancients. Here we experience the Seed of light and hope, a Solstice sunset alignment Dean first recorded last year,

Late check-into our accommodation nearby, Picardie Guest Farm is one of the oldest farms situated in the beautiful historical town of Paarl, in the Western Cape. The farm has its own natural spring, bottled water sold to the public.

29th April : Lions Head Mountain and Robben Island

We travel back to Lagoon Beach energetically completing our circle, this is our klast day we arrange for a boat ride across Table Bay to Robben Island, where Nelson Mandella was held captive.

What song of healing can we seed here.

22nd March: Shopping – Fly Home

Today is at your leisure. Make sure you book a late evening departure, to allow for a full free day. You may choose to go shopping at some of the wonderful African markets in and around Cape Town, or visit the Constantia Wine Farm for lunch and wine tasting or spend the day relaxing at the beach or the resort until you are due to fly out.

Other opportunities include a beautifully scenic boat ride from Hout Bay to Seal Island or a pre-booked boat ride and tour to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

All activities are for your own arrangement and dependent upon when your flight departs. Shuttles will drive you to the airport.


18th to the 30th April 2019
12 Nights & 13 Days
Cost $3600 USD pp sharing
or $4200 Single Supplement

Bookings close 15 December 2018

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