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Sacred Sites adams calendar

Adams’ Calendar – a missing piece of mankind’s puzzle.

A 75,000 year-old stone calendar – In the cradle of humankind. A new discovery of an ancient circular monolithic stone calendar site in Mpumalanga has been speculated by various people to be at least 1000 years old and up to 75,000 years old, possibly pre-dating any other structure found to date. Southern Africa holds some […]

Sacred Sites spiritual

Sacred Sites play a role in spiritual and metaphysical research, which strives to explain existence.

South Africa, home to a world of sacred spaces from some of the earliest traces of human existence, is a country rich in spirit and culture that pre-dates any organised form of worship or religion. It’s impossible to visit some of these spaces without feeling intrinsically connected in some way that goes beyond our isolated […]

Sacred Sites spiritual journey

Join us on this intimate spiritual journey over 17 days from the sacred White Lions, to the Drakensberg, Tugela Falls, taking the Garden Route to Cape Aqullhas and finally, Table Mountain in Cape Town

UNFORTUNATELY THIS TOUR IS SOLD OUT Sacred Sites is pleased to host the intimate spiritual journey, visiting and experiencing the Sacred Song lines of South Africa. This intimate, spiritual journey begins by anchoring our group energy at the northern end of the Drakensberg escarpment. Here we will be listening to the messages the White Lions […]

Sacred Sites shamanic adventure

Deeper insights to the San rock art trail in Cederberg.

The Sacred SItes Foundation and Dean Liprini are excited to host the next Shamanic Adventure in the Cederberg Mountains. We’re going to follow the ancient San rock art trail and explore the shamantic history of the Bushman Cave. This location was once home to the elephant migration route between the West and East coasts. Animals used […]

Sacred Sites equinox adventure

Join Michael Tellinger and Dean Liprini on a spiritual journey exploring the most sacred sites in human history!

Introducing an unforgettable experience explained by Michael Tellinger in his vlog invitation to the Sacred Sites Equinox Tour 2019. This tour is exceptional tour throughout Southern Africa to explore the treasures left behind by our ancestors. This tour is like no other and will enrich your mind, body, and soul as you gaze upon these […]

Sacred Sites cape healing journey

Join hosts Dean Liprini and Mabinty San on a healing journey to sacred sites of the Cape to feel the wondrous spirit of Mother Africa.

The healing journey presented by Sacred Sites is to renew your energy and visit the sacred sites in the Cape. On this spiritual expedition you will see sights like the powerful Table Mountain Goddess, The Great Burial and Ascension Caves, and the Root Chakra, Cape Point. Mabinty San, one of the hosts, shares her excitement […]